I met Anna at the San Francisco Harvest Festival, nearly 30 years ago. I fell in love with her gypsy style clothing and we soon became friends. I wear her brightly colored, multi tiered skirts regularly and she designed and made my wedding dress, 18 years ago. I love her bold combinations of colors and patterns of fabric. Let the carnival begin!


          - Marty Magic - Santa Cruz, CA - www.martymagic.com

   I have worn Anna's colorful Gypsy skirts for some twenty years.  I have more than 25 and Anna has a lot of my jewelry   We have been trading for a long, long time.  They are perfect for traveling or staying at home, big parties and intimate evenings with your lover.  They go perfectly with every piece of jewelry I have ever worn.  I never give any away, no matter how long I have had them.  With Anna's skirts, they just look better and better, every time they are worn.

                        - Tabra

   You are beautifying the planet, one skirt at a time.

                        - Debra Ryll, Hawaii


   Hey Anna,

   This is your Chatsworth, CA fan again.   I wore the skirt today for the first time and loved it.  I think I am a gypsy/bohemian at heart.  I have been looking for your skirts for years. 

   I was just in Weslaco, TX; went to Lionel’s and met Sandy Pena.  We spent 6 hours together playing with your amazing skirts.  She educated me and I bought 5 more.  They’re wonderful!  Thank you for creating them, for sharing them and for making the world a more beautiful and fun place to be.  Blessings and love on your life journey.  Thanks again for touching mine. See you in Pasadena.
                              -Marilyn Baumueller  

   Dear Anna, I am a big fan of yours! In fact, I think that I have almost 50 of your gorgeous skirts!

                              -Ellen Brabson- Albuquerque, NM

    I have searched everywhere for skirts like this, its exciting to find your fab range. Looking forward to hearing from you. Cheers Barbara

                              -Barbara Bradbury - New Zealand

   "The Only Award I Ever Got" I am the Renaissance Fair actor who is presenting you to the Queen in that shot, shown on your website. I`m writing to say that one of my favorite memories of those years was the look of women in your designs. Thanks. I hope this finds you well and happy. Best, Dave Swan

                        -Dave Swan - Northern California

   Hi. I was actually married in an Anna Konya dress in 1982 and my sister`s bridesmaid dress was yours too. I dug them out and my two daughters who are singers are going to wear them to perform Celtic Music.

                        - Lesa Oshea - Sonora, California


   I have purchased two of your beautiful tiered skirts and love them both.  In fact, I have had one of them for twenty years and still enjoy wearing it to this day. 

                        - Karin Knafla

   I just wanted to drop you a note to say thanks for the wonderful time I had with you and your other "followers" during your sale.  I really learned a lot from you and the creative little eleven year old's suggestions. 
   I did not even unload the bags from my van.  I took them right to the convention with me and pulled out outfits there.  The black with ribbons was a huge hit Saturday.  I even had two people stop me and ask to take a picture of it.  I think I gave out your website at least a dozen times that day. One of my associates said that I seemed ten years younger that night. 

   I wore the teal blouse with some black slacks on Sunday and got many complements on that one as well.  So, I wanted you to know what a wonderful energy you gifted me with and how much it made my birthday special.  You were an angel that was needed more than you could have known at the time. 

                        - Gail Nelson

   Hi, I saw a woman with one of your skirts on in the grocery in Sugar Land, Texas and had to comment to her how beautiful it was.  She said she buys one every year when she goes to Tuson.  I loved it!!! My job is a school librarian in a middle school and your skirts would be PERFECT!

                        - Nancy Bell

Hi,   These blouses, I believe, are the BEST.  I have many, about eight or so and wear them all the time for folk dancing, including the roses.

                        - Ann Zacker

Hi Anna,  Marty (as in Marty Magic) was here for three weeks and we had a lot of fun.  We wore your skirts everyday and talked about you.  Your skirts are the greatest.  They last forever and they are always in fashion - to those of us with Gypsy Souls!  Feel free to quote me.  I am wearing one right now - as a mater of fact.  You should be rich by now with all of your talent.

                                        -- Tabra in Bali

IT's funny about your skirts...one does just feel grand in one.  They make me feel admired, beautiful.  Maybe, maybe not the most beautiful of all, as they once did.  But still, I love them, they travel, they do everything well.

                              - Quilley P