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The City Gypsy

The City Gypsy


Enjoy the luxury and comfort of a multi-tiered Anna Konya City Gypsy Skirt, which goes from casual to formal occasions to wear any time of the year. The fit of the these skirts is easy with a comfortable elastic waist, and very slimming style. The trim waistline sweeps into a dramatic hemline, flattering to most figures. Each tier is a blend of different fabrics, embellished with yards and yards of ribbons and trim, thus "bending" the colors. A real plus is the strategic placement of ample pockets that do not destroy the line of the garment.


Constant compliment catchers, many women all over the world collect them.


(Each skirt comes with a guarantee of $5,000 worth of fun!)


W a s h i n g     I n s t r u c t i o n s

Every skirt I make is washable, and here are the instructions: Wash wrong side out on gentle cycle, cold water, of course. Use fabric softener for your conditioning.


Hang dripping to dry -it is the water-weight in the hemline that keeps that nice linear flow. No twisting, ever.

To order, simply go to the contact page with your inquiry