Leetle History About Anna Konya


Fashion conscious at the age of 12, Anna Konya started creating feminine clothing with that decidedly real woman look for herself and friends. One of Anna's early influences was the impression of her stylish mother when wearing classy cotton dresses.  Inheriting her mother's love of the sun, Anna began to design cotton clothing with a warm weather focus. And, having always lived near the ocean and being a great fan of water sports, she tends to cling to styles that work well with bare feet and sandals; styles that one can don in a flash for that carefree but fabulous, feminine look, that men so adore and women admire.


Anna Konya's blending of colors and quality fabrics create a special style,  placing her creations in the top class of California designer clothing for the feminine woman, for many years.


The full skirts, cut to flatter even the fullest of figures, are certainly one of Anna Konya's trademarks. She uses color-on-color for a festive, elegant, comfortable, and always feminine style. Another trademark of hers: tasteful, timeless, beautiful ribbons and lace to accentuate the quality of femininity on her gauze blouses and skirts, which are still worn by many today.


    In the early and mid 60s Anna Konya had her own boutique with strangely different types of clothing that she invented for the times. The theme was always color.

Some of those early styles fit right into the Renaissance "look"; hence, participation in The Renaissance Pleasure Faire in Agoura, California From time to time, she still participates in a few art festivals (listed on the Website). They are so amazing for direct contact with people from far and near who appreciate and buy her designs.


 As time passed, Anna Konya found stores in the area to carry her creations. As a result of increased sales, business expanded to include many warm-weather vacation areas such as Florida, New Mexico, Arizona, Texas, Hawaii plus cruise destinations.


For 39 years, her bustling studio in San Pedro, California was humming with a production team of seamstresses, working side by side as Anna designed and cut. Today, the scene is more peaceful as she is the sole worker, not held back by having to meet production deadlines, creating more one-of-a-kind pieces.


Traveling often to visit the boutiques that carried Anna Konya's designs, kept her connected with collectors of her creations, which she assisted in accessorizing the "Konya" look with the choices available in each store (always different, of course).


All of Anna Konya's designs are made of the finest fabrics with exacting detail and attention to flow, fit and color combinations -



"For the women who enjoy the dance of life!


Fabulous skirts, hand made of the finest fabrics - most are limited editions. Colors that free the wearer and heal the soul...


It is all about color and form... Experimenting with color is my focus. Color, texture, and form that flatters the figure while adding drama and intrigue."

-Anna Konya


      Festive, ultra-feminine "gypsy" inspired garments: multi-tiered, ribboned skirts and dresses, and vibrant "gypsy" blouses. Using her favorite color combinations like rust/plum/teal and purple/blue in varying patterns and prints, Anna Konya creates garments with sweeping hemlines with just the right accent on femininity, creating a mood of sophistication, but always fun!


Flamenco music playing in the background inspires Anna Konya, while continuing to reinventing her festive, comfortable - always feminine style. All of her designs are hand made by her, in San Pedro, California.


  Some have labeled the collection "bohemian-spirited" or "elegant gypsy" for use of color, texture and opulence (never skimping on fabric). Whatever the description, they are perfect for cruise, holiday, weddings, even dinner at the white house - for the free spirited women and the men who love them!


Making gypsy inspired clothing for the free spirits who live life in the now, without compromise is Anna Konya's joy.


      Skirts shown in her photo gallery are examples of color combinations that speak to her. In addition, the cut is so flattering to every figure. The result has a certain flow when the wearer is in motion, "which is just fabulous!" With accessories, the themes can be radically different, from Tropical to Contemporary -Western -Victorian... "Just too much fun!"


  For more years than she is willing to mention, Anna Konya has been in the business of producing a style of clothing for women who approach life with joy! Living near the ocean is her joy. Her newly married son, lives close enough to lend a hand when she needs it.


Blending colors and textures is something Anna Konya really enjoys, being careful to make things that are cut to flatter the figure. The results are always amazing; some call it wearable art. Of course, accessorizing is another important element needed to achieve a truly harmonious effect.

 To keep the creative channels open, she enjoys flamenco, ballet, yoga, walking, swimming, my garden, tree ripened fruit, and being with good friends.




 "For the women who want the magic of earthy femininity! A blending of color and texture to embellish the body and spirit! Not for the faint of heart..."

- Anna Konya