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Now that I have been making skirts for over half a century, guess I'll continue, mainly because I do love it. Working with fabric, color, texture, never skimping on quality, continuing to be devoted to excellence, I’m free to be more creative than ever.  Some pieces are one of a kind, but all are limited editions.


My passion is to contribute interesting and flattering clothing for the women who embrace the dance of life, with color combinations that speak to your aura. The way these colors vary and interact illustrates how emotionally, spiritually, and physically complex you are.


With you in mind, I focus on quality detail, craftsmanship, and character. I like to combine interesting fabrics, and it is fun for me to apply a technique of "bending" the colors by overlaying fabrics with various embellishments.  Sometimes I use earth tones that become vivid as a result of the embellishment.  Each piece is a chameleon, blending with many different colored accessories.


All my pieces are created to last, they are a flattering fit to most figures and are worn with pleasure, spanning decades, by the discerning women who buy them.

Due to multiple surgeries and constant rehabilitation, the past 8 years have been difficult to practice my craft, requiring myself to resort to acquiring loans to stay on top of my overhead.

I have set up a donation page for which any bit of generosity would go a long way towards my recovery and continuation in creating the things you all love.

Much love,

                                 Anna Konya

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